Julianalaan 67A, Delft

About us

The Kroboot started as a project in the minor Robotica of the University of Technology in Delft. The minor is a part of the bachelor’s program where students may choose their own study scheme. In the minor Robotica 6 students from different study backgrounds will get together, will design a robot and will build its own robot in only 20 weeks time.

In September 2016 6 students came together and designed a robot that had to collect duckweed autonomously: the Kroboot 1. This robot was designed in coöperation with the Delft Water Authority (Hoogheemraadschap) Delfland and TOP Delft. After this succes, the next step was to develop a second prototype that would be even better than the Kroboot 1. So another 6 students, who started the minor Robotica in September 2017, were instructed to design and build the Kroboot 2. They made a robot that destroyes the duckweed and releases the biologically degradable remainder.

To develop the Kroboot and its main idea a mixed group of 8 students was formed by combining the enthousiastic students from both teams. With this team it is our goal to create a new prototype, the Kroboot 3, that is able to destroy all the duckweed in the spring of 2019!