Julianalaan 67A, Delft

The Team

Meet the Team!


Because every project is doomed to fail without one…


Detmer Bosma
Team Chairman, Business Manager

My name is Detmer, and I am the team manager of the Kroboot. I was part of the team of the Kroboot 1 and one year later my function was to coach the team of Kroboot 2. My goal is to convert the Kroboot from a student project to a company, and maybe the Kroboot will destroy duckweed in all cities in the Netherlands!

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Jelle Haasnoot
Chief Mechanical Engineer, Website Manager

I'm Jelle, now 20 years old and a third-year BSc-student Mechanical Engineering. I joined Kroboot in it's second year of being a minor, and stayed with it. The reason I work at Kroboot is primarily to gain experience in developing a market-worthy product. But also because it's a whole lot of fun!

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Naut Meinders
Treasurer, Mechanical Engineer

I'm Naut, 21 years old and study Mechanical Engineering at the TU Delft. I joined the team in September 2017. I am part of the Kroboot team because I am interested in robotics. During the development of the Kroboot I can get experience with building a robot. Hopefully in a couple of years duckweed can be removed by the use of a Kroboot.

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Bas van der Werk
Chief Electrical Engineer

My name is Bas, i'm 22 years old and study Electrical engineering at the TU Delft, currently in my fourth year of the bachelor. I joined the team at the beginning of september 2018. The reason I started working at the kroboot is to apply my knowledge gained during my bachelor in real life. My main interest is in power electronics, and my main occupation at the kroboot is to develop a sustainable and efficient electronic system.

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Rutger Ham
Mechanical Engineer
Bram Harleman
Mechanical Engineer
Pim Lindeman
Electrical Engineer

My name is Pim and I'm a 21 year old Electrical Engineering student at the TU Delft, currently in my fourth year. My main interests are electronic design and signal processing. Building the Kroboot relies a lot on these disciplines, which is why I've been involved since day one.