The Kroboot 2 is an autonomous navigating robot which tracks down duckweed. The idea behind the robot is to prevent a thick layer of duckweed on the water surface by destroying small amounts of duckweed in an early stage. Duckweed is destroyed in an early stage to prevent that small amounts of duckweed can grow out into a thick layer of duckweed. The Kroboot 2 is able to navigate autonomously through the canals and to recognize duckweed with a camera and other sensors. A destroying mechanism in the robot itself ensures the duckweed will be ‘killed’ and therefore not able to grow anymore.

The Kroboot 2

A LIDAR is used to analyze its own environment by laser imaging and so it is able to prevent collapsing against the canal walls or other boats. An Intel RealSense camera is used to detect duckweed, but also water lilies to prevent damaging plants other than duckweed. A GSM-sensor is used for the localization of the robot.

Two electrical thrusters powered by six batteries are used for navigation and a duckweed searching algorithm will control these thrusters. Next to that the software does control the depth of Kroboot 2 in the water by regulating the water level in four ballast tanks.

Inside of the Kroboot 2 a destroy mechanism is placed. Duckweed first flow through a blender where it is chopped in even smaller pieces. After the blender the duckweed flows through a set of gears which crushes the duckweed. Between the gears a pressure is generated which crushes the duckweed.

Exploded view of the destroy mechanism